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Outdoor fun

Clwb Gwyllt yn y Coed

Hyd at tri diwrnod yr wythnos o hwyl, gemau a dysgu sgiliau yn y coed i blant 8+

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Dyddiau ar gael / Available days:

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Dyddiadau Newydd / New Dates … 

Dydd Llun 26 – Dydd Iau 29 Mawrth / Monday 26 – Thursday 29 March 

Dydd Mawrth 3 – Dydd Iau 5 Ebrill / Tuesday 3 – Thursday 5 April 

At Wild Elements we think that every child should have as many great experiences during their holidays as they can. During our Wild in the Woods playschemes, children can explore Penrhyn Castle woodlands, play our games, make crafts, participate in activities and discover the natural world around them. Wild in the Woods is ideal for children 8yrs or older to try something different in the outdoors and fresh air.


Your child will learn many things during sessions, including: den building, fire lighting, safe climbing skills, cooking skills, woodland habitat and woodland creatures. But don’t worry, your child won’t know they’re learning as we teach through fun!

Wild in the Woods is a child-led playscheme, allowing your child to set the pace, choose activities and have a say in the games they play. All of our activities and games have been tried and approved by everyone who has attended Wild in the Woods in the past.

Our most popular games include 3, 2, 1, Scatter!!! Capture the flag, Red River Crossing and many others. We also provide a variety of craft activities, e.g. medallion making, friendship bracelets and gods eyes, the ideal way to calm everyone down after running around for a couple of hours.

14050645455_fcf363abc9_z Our holiday clubs are tailored to the group’s ever-changing desires and needs.

We run our outdoor days during rain or shine and you can be confident in knowing your child is well looked after by one of our fully qualified outdoor learning instructors and forest school leaders.

Many of the children who attend our Wild in the Woods club join us on a regular basis so all new comers will be able to make friends quickly with someone their own age who knows the site and can show them around.

Our activities start at 9am with introductions, warm ups, an introduction to the site, health and safety, and information on rules, the boundaries and location of the facilities. Rules and boundaries are discussed at the start of every day to help ensure they are followed and to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Children can explore the site and meet each other in their own time during free play. They can also help leaders with firelighting before activities commence and the day gets under-way.

Useful and Required information!

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear is required.
  1. Coat (Raincoat if possible)
  2. Suitable footwear
  3. Waterproof clothing (if possible)
  4. Spare socks
  5. Hat and gloves (for cold weather)
  6. Sun cream (for sunny/hot weather)
  • Children must be 8+ to attend Wild in the Woods.
  • Booking is Essential
  • Wild in the Woods is held in the Penrhyn Castle woodlands
  • All children require a packed lunch
  • As an environmental organisation, Wild Elements works with a ‘Leave no trace’ policy which requires all rubbish to be taken and disposed of at home

Why are all these necessary you ask? If your child brings all of the stuff in the above list, they will be warm, well fed and happy through the day, and much more likely to be happy by the end of it, there is nothing worse for a child than being stuck out in the cold all day (we do have spare clothes but they may not be a perfect fit). So the reward is a much happier, warmer, less hungry child! You’re welcome!

For further information on our Wild in the Woods Club contact us at 07799 566533 or email us on info@wildelements.org.uk

This is regulated by CSSIW (Care and Social Service Inspectorate Wales). You can request copy of the annual Quality of Care Review via email on info@wildelements.org.uk or by calling 07799 566533.