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Gweilch y Coed

Diwrnod antur-tu-allan i archwilwyr ifanc (5+)

Dyddiau ar Gael

Available Dates

 Mehefin 01 June 2018


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Woodland ImpsJoin us to discover one of the National Trust’s woodlands at Penrhyn Castle. This fun-filled holiday playscheme will help enrich your child’s life with exciting learning activities and games that your little one won’t forget. Just outside Bangor, these beautiful woodlands are an ideal setting to ensure your son/ daughter learns about the natural world around them and has fun doing it.

But it’s not all about learning, we have lots of fun too. Every child that joins us will be able to enjoy the vast range of games and activities that we have planned. Kids will enjoy our fun and exciting games such as 3, 2, 1, SCATTER!!, our exiting bug hunts or simply getting messy playing in the mud with our mud kitchen. Everyone will be able to have fun, learn lots and get plenty of exercise while they run around exploring.


Woodland Imps is an ideal playscheme for children 5+ to come out and try something different. Our outdoor sessions will help introduce them to the woodlands in a safe and controlled manner. Our team of qualified leaders will teach your child the wonders of the woodland, what to look out for in the woods, how to act around a campfire and how to have a fun-filled day in a safe way.

New children will have the chance to make new friends and repeaters will have as much fun as the first day they came with our ever evolving playschemes.

Useful and Required information!

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear is required.
  1. Coat (Raincoat if possible)
  2. Suitable footwear
  3. Waterproof clothing (if possible)
  4. Spare socks
  5. Hat and gloves (for cold weather)
  • Children must be 5+ to attend Woodland Imps.
  • Booking to attend is Essential.
  • Woodland Imps is held at Penrhyn Castle, National Trust property
  • A packed lunch is needed for all children attending.
  • Wild Elements works with a ‘Leave no trace’ policy which requires all rubbish to be taken and disposed of at home.


For further information on our Woodland Imps playschemes please contact us at 07799 566533 or email us on info@wildelements.org.uk