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Cyflwyniad i grefft maes.  Dewch i fod yn berchen ar wybodaeth sylfaenol ynglŷn â tân, dwr, lloches a defnyddio offer.

Available Dates:

Tachwedd 6 November

Tachwedd 20 November

For those of you interested in bushcraft and outdoor survival, Wild Elements now offers a bushcraft session. In this one day program we aim to demonstrate the skills needed for outdoor survival and show you a few tips and tricks that we find work well in the following areas

  • Shelter construction – demonstrate the principles of shelter from natural or man made materials, and the pros and cons of each.
  • Water purification – go through a variety of methods for collection and making wild water safe.
  • Fire lighting – how to light a fire using natural materials and a ferrocium rod.
  • Tool Use –  a basic introduction to knife work and tool use in bushcraft.

The session runs from 9:30 till 4:30. The session is run by Rheon Wyn Roberts, our bushcraft demonstrator, and aims to show you methods for enjoying the great outdoors safely, whilst incorporating bushcraft and surWP_20150226_002vival skills.

The session includes skills which are relevant worldwide, and is designed as a stepping stone toward furthering your bushcraft knowledge. It includes a grounding in personal safety in the outdoors and focuses on the main considerations to stay safe while enjoying the outside world.

Interested?  Book now!

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