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Can you help! – to raise funds to support and do more of the good work we do!!!

As an Organisation we strive to get people to get closer to nature and  develop a kinship with the natural world. we have a wide range of project and programmes that achieve this, and here are just a few.

Garden work

we have the Job Club base at the Secret Garden in Penrhyn Castle. The Aim of the Project is to work with adult on Long term unemployment or long term sick and support them to develop new skill and increase there confidence. The goal is to get people engaging and help them to get work ready through Gardening.

Woods and Words

Community event and partnership work – we aim to be active within the community through local shows and also through local Facilities such as the Libraries, to encourage children to be inspired about the natural world and also to have fun and enjoy it through activities.

Flyer new 2

Working with local champion for example Partneriaeth Maesgeirchen Partnership, Partneriaeth Ogwen, school, Treboth Botanic Garden. To develop environmental education program, through to playscheme, and development of greening up community spaces.


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