Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’, in conjunction with Groundwork, donates the money raised from the 5p bag charges to local community projects. Wild Elements is planning a project, and your chance to help donate in Tesco stores is this May and June.

Our Project: Our office over in Rivendell has a pretty run down garden that we know could be put to better use. We found that there is a growing community of over 50’s feeling lonely and missing a sense of community, and therefore we believe that they can benefit from our garden once it’s received some funding. We will eventually work with the Royal Voluntary Service to set up a group of mixed abilities who will benefit from a gardening community. Once our plans are put into action, we are teaming up with The Sowing Seed Project to put in multiple beds to grow vegetables and flowers, including wheelchair accessible beds and a wheelchair ramp. We will also purchase a shed to keep all equipment in, so those who participate won’t need to worry about bringing tools themselves. Once this is done, the group will be able to utilise the garden and hopefully build confidence, build group skills, and maybe think of going back into employment.

How You Can Help: In your Tesco stores, you will be offered a token at checkout which you can then use to vote for one of three projects. In May and June 2017, Wild Elements will be one of those options in local stores. The more tokens we get, the more money we raise to put towards our project.

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to aid our community, and with your help, we can create an even better gardening area for those to benefit from.

What you’ll see in store: The Sowing Seed Project is a partnership project working with adults to combat loneliness, build self confidence and develop a higher self esteem with in the individuals. The initial aim of the project is to get the garden set up to welcome a group of adults of the age of 50 with mixed abilities through work working with adult on long term illness or unemployed. The set up will offer the group skills and experience to get them thinking of going back into employment. we will work with the Royal Voluntary Service to develop a group of over 50’s that fell that would benefit from join a community group to garden and share skills

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