The Greener Welcome Project

This Project has been kindly funded by the Postcode Lottery Trust – thank you.Postcode Lottery Trust.jpg

The Secret Garden is a community garden located within a National Trust property –
Penrhyn Castle, Bangor. Wild Elements has been working in partnership with Fast Track to Skills to develop a welcoming area for the Secret Garden site.

Over the last two years a group of adults from Maesgeirchen Estate have been working hard to develop a growing area and prepare for the growing season, learning how to grow and take care of different food plants. They have also learnt how to prepare, cook, preserve and store food. This group are classed as hard to reach individuals or young adults that have a disability, which has led to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

To date, the group has increased in confidence and the project has allowed them to learn a variety of new skills. We have worked with the group again to develop a welcome
area for the garden, allowing them to show off their skills and present them to an
audience at the end of the project.

This allowed the group to gain a great sense of achievement and pride in just how far they have come in their own development. The group will be involved with the whole process and development of the garden area. They will develop new skills such as planting for wildlife and presenting information to different people, whilst honing recently gained skills of path and plant bed development and maintenance.

We would like to say thanks you the the support of the Postcode Lottery Trust and for all the individuals that play the postcode Lottery, your support really help to make a difference. Thank you.

Here are some photos:IMG_0668 (1).JPG

IMG_0660 (1).JPG


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