Tried, tested, tweaked and back better than ever!  Bushcraft Bites with Wild Elements and experienced, bilingual bushcraft demonstrator – Rheon Wyn Roberts!

Budding Bushcrafters will gain knowledge and key skills required to build a camp and take the first steps to confidently journey into the wilds of your back garden or the world!

| £25 per person, per day | BOOK NOW |


Fires, Flints and Bow Drills

Saturday 20 April | 1-5pm at Penrhyn Castle

Where to make a fire safely, what to make it with, how to light it and what burns best. Practical session covering fire-lighting techniques, modern fire-steels, bow drills and traditional flint and steel.


Carve it, Chop it, Saw it

Sunday 28 April | 1-5pm at Penrhyn Castle

Beginners guide to the safe and effective use of the most commonly encountered Bushcraft tools, including a variety of knives, saws and axes, and how to turn a branch of wood into a spoon!


Campcraft: Clamps, Grills and Pot Hangs

1-5pm at Penrhyn Castle | Sunday 12 May

Practical session covering the use of specialist tools and natural materials to create camping essentials, e.g. pot hangs and grills for cooking and other useful devices!

Twist and Pinch!

1-5pm at Penrhyn Castle|Sunday 19 May

Discover useful knots and natural cords commonly used in bushcraft.

This session includes making cords from natural and seasonal materials and the techniques involved

20232167470_5c09611035_o.jpgThe sessions are a fantastic opportunity to learn so many skills, meet new people and spend time in the great outdoors.

To book a place or for further details please email info@wildelements.org.uk or find us on: Facebook / Twitter


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