|Introduction to Bushcraft|

Come and Join us for a 3 day Bushcrafting experience with our demonstrator Rheon Wyn Roberts. Each day will be self contained and you will learn many Bushcrafting principles, skills and techniques! The sessions are aimed at adults age 16+ and will be held at Penrhyn Castle on Sunday 21st & 28th October and Sunday 4th November. The sessions are 1-4pm and the price is just £20 per day or £50 for all 3 days.

There are only 8 spaces per session so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment and begin your journey towards thriving in the natural environment!


The first Bushcraft session on Sunday 21st October 2018 will be a Fire Session and will include:

  • Lighting fires with sparks
  • Using different materials to light fires e.g – materials you can find in the outdoors
  • Bo drill
  • More advanced fire lighting


The second session is on Sunday 28th October 2018 and will be a Shelter Session. Here you will learn:

  • Shelter principles, e.g- learn what you are sheltering from,
  • Tarp erection
  • Leaf shelter


The final session is on Sunday 4th November 2018 and will be a Tool Use & Carving Session session which will teach you:

  • Tool use
  • Introductions to different knives, axes and saws
  • Making feather sticks (for fire lighting)
  • Dingle sticks
  • Wooden spoon making



The sessions are a fantastic opportunity to learn so many skills, meet new people and spend time in the great outdoors.

To book a place or for further details please email info@wildelements.org.uk or find us on: Facebook / Twitter.







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