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Wild Elements is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to getting people in north Wales outdoors and closer to nature. Our ultimate aim is to connect people to nature, improving their lives, opportunities and aspirations.

To this end, we work with wide-ranging age groups in various ways, from STEM education, community projects, Forest Schools and fundays, to Job Club, training and employability courses, corporate away-days, and volunteering opportunities.

Our reason for this is simple – it is to enable people to explore and enjoy the natural world around them whilst learning and having fun in Nature’s classroom.

It is also our goal to educate people about the many ways the natural world can support us, such as, providing shelter, tools, materials, fire lighting, campfires for cooking, and enabling us to grow food. We also highlight the importance of wildlife, offering children and adults the chance to learn, understand and experience the nature surrounding them.

We work closely with schools, local communities, public sector bodies, third sector organisations, and like-minded organisations to ensure we fulfil the needs of our local communities. Our aim is to complement, not compete!

To find out more about what we do and our policies please take a look at our information pages including our:

Meet the Team wooden discMeet the Team wooden discMeet the Team wooden disc



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