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Q: What is Wild Elements?                                                                                                              A: Wild Elements is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to get people of all ages outdoors and connecting them to nature, improving their lives, opportunities and aspirations. We work with people, schools, public bodies and community organisations across Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd and Wrexham.  As a not-for-profit organisation and Community Interest Company (CIC), all income we generate is invested back into the business to ensure our long-term sustainability.

Wild Elements is a legally constituted company. All our staff, subcontractors and volunteers are fully DBS checked and appropriately qualified and experienced.

Q: What does Wild Elements do?                                                                                                     A: All sorts for every age! Wild Elements provides a huge range of activities and provisions for corporate businesses (new), families, children, young people, and adults. We provide:

  • Children and Families:
    • Woodland birthday parties for children and adults (new) all year round (yes, even in Winter! See Q&A below)
    • Playschemes and Clubs for Under 5s, 5+ and 8+ and home-schooled children (new)
    • Family events and fun days in many locations across north Wales, particularly during school holidays
    • Family activities, such as Family Bushcraft events and a variety of nature connection experiences
  • Schools and Children’s Groups:
    • Tailored, curriculum-based education programmes, including Forest School, STEM-based education provisions (ecology, environmental science, physics, chemistry) and Beach School
    • Various outdoor sessions and activities to suit the needs and requirements of the school/group
    • Our education programmes include cross-cutting themes, such as literacy, digital and IT skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking
    • Come to our sites, or we can carry out projects within your school grounds or group meeting place (provided permissions are in place)
  • Organisations:
    • Bespoke nature-related and outdoor events, activities and training courses for organisations including: TRAC, OPUS, Teuli Ni, Gwynedd Libraries, Conwy Libraries, the National Trust, Gwynedd Outdoor Learning Network Group, Natural Resources Wales, Communities First, Partneriaeth Maesgeirchan Partnership, countless schools, and local councils
  • Communities:
    • Projects of all sorts, from ponds, woodland pathways, wildlife improvements and community gardens, to employability, training, and community events
    • Volunteering and work experience opportunities
    • Partnership working
  • Corporate Businesses:
    • Reduce Sickness Absence and Team Working within your company with our bespoke, memorable outdoor sessions providing long-lasting and ‘adopt anywhere’ techniques that staff can draw upon when needed.  Happier Staff, Happier Workplace, Less Stress and better Team Work = ROOTS!
    • ‘Greener Footprints’ – Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and increase staff well-being, brighten your workplace, protect pollinators and other wildlife, and provide fresh fruit for your staff! 
  • Training Courses, Accredited Qualifications and Volunteering:
    • A range of training courses enabling participants to gain accredited qualifications. Wild Elements specialise in conservation, horticulture, ecology and the environment, joinery, budgeting, teamworking and confidence building

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Q: What do Woodland Birthday Parties entail?                                                                       A: We tailor our Woodland Birthday Parties, the activities and the birthday theme to the child’s or adult’s wishes (up to 16 children/adults for the base price).  Options for activities include learning bushcraft skills, e.g. den building, fire lighting and campfire cooking. Themes are endless, from wizards, fairies, frogs and princesses, to dragons, pirates, zombies and aliens! Ask us and we’ll do our best to fulfil yours/your child’s preference. Please see our birthday page for more information.

To book a birthday, please complete the online birthday form [link] or contact us directly on 07799 566533, info@wildelements.org.uk, Facebook or Twitter.

Q: Which Key Stages do your STEM education programmes and Forest/Beach Schools target?                                                                                                                                                      A: From KS1 to lower KS3. Subject matter is taught through a mixture of practical, group, outdoor and classroom-based exercises and experiences as per Diana Laboy-Rush’s (Solutions Manager at Learning.com) guidelines and recommendations in Integrated STEM Education through Project-Based Learning.

We can also tailor sessions to both, the needs/levels/abilities of the children and the subject matter, e.g. sessions can focus upon any particular area of the environment your class is working on. Please contact us to dicuss your requirements.

Q: How do I book my class/children’s group onto an education programme or Forest School?                                                                                                                                                     A: Contact us via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter or the ‘Contact Us’ page, telling us which education programme/s you are interested in, your requirements, contact details, the number of children and their age, and any dates you have in mind. We’ll check our availability and contact you back to discuss further details.

Q: How do I sign up to a playscheme, children’s club or event?                                          A: Anyone wishing to participate in a playscheme, club or event can book online by choosing the appropriate option and selecting the ‘Book Online’ button.

Q: What will I need to bring with me to Wild in the Woods Club/ Woodland Imps/Playgroup/Wildlings/outdoor playschemes?                                                                     A: Appropriate clothing and footwear depending on the weather, though a raincoat and warm clothing is required at all times in case of bad/cold weather. Please try to avoid denim as this holds water. And don’t forget the feet – wellies or sturdy trainers a must.

Please note: Please do not bring phones, MP3 devices or any electronic or digital devices as Wild Elements will not take responsibility for any lost or damaged items during a playscheme.

Q: Can I pay by cheque?                                                                                                                   A: Yes. Print off the online form and send the cheque to the address below before the Playscheme begins. Please make cheques payable to “WILD ELEMENTS CIC” and send with the completed form to:

Wild Elements Office
Rivendell Building
Treborth Botanic Garden
Bangor University
LL57 2RQ

Q: What are your terms and conditions and cancellation policy?                                     A: Wild Elements Terms and Conditions are as follows:

Fees are to be paid in advance and in full for the days/weeks required to guarantee your child’s place. Places will not be booked or reserved without payment.
Early booking cut off date applies to when Wild Elements receives the form, not when it is completed.
Fees will not be refunded due to sickness or last minute cancellation, though we may offer an alternative session.  Any cancellation within a week before the playscheme will not be eligible for a refund.

If a child is late to a session that requires a walk to the site from the drop off point, two members of Wild Elements Staff will wait for the child for up to twenty minutes, and try and contact the parent or guardian. If the child has not arrived within that time period and the parent has not informed us, it will be treated as a late cancellation, and Wild Elements staff will go to the site. Parents who contact us after this time will be responsible for walking their child to the site from the drop off point.

Not what you’re looking for? Feel free to send us a message with any questions you might have at: info@wildelements.org.uk or use our contact us section located here: Contact Us


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