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Gwybodaeth am gyfleon gwirfoddoli efo Elfennau Gwyllt.

Are you interested in volunteering with Wild Elements? This page will give you a little more information about the positions we have available, and what each position would require of you.


Site MaintenancePicture of our site

Wild Elements uses the natural woodland and gardens to run our events and activities, and we need to ensure they are safe for use and maintained. We are seeking people who want practical experience.


Playscheme Assistant

Running playschemes is one of the most important functions for Wild Elements and  they are amongst our most popular provisions. To support our group leaders, we need enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who love working with children to help us run the best possible playscheme that kids will enjoy again and again.

Marketing, Promotion and Social Media

We want Wild Elements to extend our reach into our local communities and we want to raise awareness of our work. We are looking for people to help us with marketing and promoting Wild Elements and our latest activities, from creating posters and infographics to writing press releases and blog and/or social media posts.

Social media is the fastest growing way to reach people and market an organisation. We need skilled volunteers with an understanding of the online world to help grow our following, increase links with our local communities, promote our provisions and ensure everyone knows what we have to offer.

Video Creator and Editor

Short entertaining clips are used every day by companies and it takes a talented individual to do them. Wild Elements is looking for volunteers to help make these clips for us to be used in promotional advertisements and informative displays for the local community. Would you like to help us make our next video?

Our GardenGardening

Wild Elements outdoor experience includes working on gardening projects at our sites and within with local communities to help enrich the community in simple ways.

Office and Admin Work

Behind every Wild Elements session lies the paperwork needed to make it happen! If you are organised and creative with good people skills and wish to know more about how an organisation such as Wild Elements works behind the scenes, we especially need volunteers with the focus to see a project through to the finish.

Project and Events Assistants

This is most suited to people who are enthusiastic, hands-on, like meeting or working with people and children, and want a variety of experience from working on a variety of projects and events. As we encourage our staff and volunteers to come up with their own projects.


Skilled writers are needed for every job – news feeds, emails to other companies, news articles, social media posts, blogs, press releases, editing to name a few. If you have a flare for writing, try your hand at volunteering with Wild Elements.

Translation and Proofreading

Help us! We have Welsh speakers and learners at Wild Elements and we are a bilingual social enterprise, but written Welsh can be an art and we sometimes struggle/worry we have it wrong!

We use professional proofreaders and translators wherever possible, though sometimes we need translations quickly. Translating can be expensive and as a not-for-profit organisation, we would benefit hugely from novice and skilled translators and proofreaders (the more, the better!) to help us write/proofread our session plans, social media posts, press releases, blog and infographics. We’ll get everything you translate proofread, so don’t worry if your Welsh isn’t perfect – please no online translation tools.


For further information contact us at: info@wildelements.org.uk

If you would like to register your interest and join our growing pool of volunteers,

Sign Up



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