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Gwybodaeth am gyfleon gwirfoddoli efo Elfennau Gwyllt.

Are you interested in volunteering with Wild Elements? This page will give you a little more information about the positions we have available, and what each position would require of you.


Site ManagementPicture of our site

Wild Elements uses the natural woodland to run our events, but they still need plenty of work to make sure they are safe for use when we run our playschemes. That’s why we have a group of volunteers to help us organise and arrange the site so it is people friendly and safe for use.


Playscheme Assistant

Running playschemes is one of the most important functions for Wild Elements and requires a lot of work. For this we need enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help us run the best playscheme that kids will enjoy again and again.


Marketing & Promotion

The best way for people to learn about Wild Elements is through advertising and that is not an easy thing. This is where you could help by working with the Wild Elements team to help spread the word about all of our upcoming and future activities.


Social Media

Social media is the fastest growing form of advertising and one of the best ways to market a company, but this doesn’t just happen without any work. We need skilled and hardworking volunteers with an understanding of the massive online world to help ensure everyone knows what we have to offer.


Video Editor

Short entertaining clips are used every day by companies and it takes a talented individual to do them. Wild Elements is looking for volunteers to help make these clips for us to be used in promotional advertisements and informative displays for the local community. Would you like to help us make our next video?


Our GardenGardening

Wild Elements outdoor experience doesn’t end with our Forest schools and playschemes. We work with the local community to produce gardening projects to help enrich the community in simple ways they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. Not only that but Wild Elements has its own plot of land that requires constant care and we would like your help to do it.


Office & Admin Work

Not everything can be fun and games, behind the scene of every playscheme and fun session in the woods is the paper work that is needed to make it happen. For this to happen we need hard-working volunteers with the focus to see a project through to the finish.



Skilled writers are needed for every job. They are needed to write advertisements, news feeds, emails to other companies, news articles and hundreds of other things. Do you have the flare for writing then try your hand at volunteering with Wild Elements.



Wild Elements is a bilingual social enterprise and we need skilled translators to help us writ session plans, reports and advertisements in both Welsh and English.


For further information contact us at: info@wildelements.org.uk

If you would like to register your interest and join our growing pool of volunteers,

Sign Up



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