Contract for Parents/Carers for Wild in the Woods

By booking and ticking the Box on the Playscheme Submission form you have agreed to enter into a contract between Wild Elements and yourself for the provision of a place for your children links to this booking Form.


1.      Arrival and Collection

Children can be drop off at the Wild in the woods as early as 8:55 at the top of the site by the car drop off point. You may wish to see one of the leader and therefore please come on site and make yourself known to a leader that is present on site.

They session will aim to start 9 and finish at 5 each day of the Wild in the woods Club, we expect to see you child during these times. However, if you are making alternatives please inform a member of the team and we do our best to accommodate to you needs as a family.


Collection with another person, it is important that you inform us of any alternative arrangement for collection. If this the case then please make sure that you child know how is picking them up also. If the child does not know the person or they have sent they were not expecting someone else to pick them up or they do not know the people then we in the first instant confirm with the emergence contact, if we cannot confirm we will have to seek further confirmation before allow the child to leave our care.

  1. Sickness


The activities presented at Wild in the Woods are physical. Please ensure your child is healthy enough to attend the session. If they have had vomiting and/or diarrhoea in the past 48 hours please keep them home from the session. We do not offer refunds in the case of illness but may offer you another session, this will be a case by case bases. If your child falls ill during the session we will contact the person listed as the child’s emergency contact on the medical form and expect that arrangements will be made to collect your child.


  1. Administration of Medication

At Wild Elements leaders hold a current Forest School First aid certification which includes outdoor paediatric first aid. Please ensure that you have checked your child’s medical record to ensure it is up to date.


Please note that all Medication must be self-administering as Wild Elements Leader can only assist in the child taking the medication.


Please have all medications (eg epi-pens, inhalers etc) in a waterproof container with your child’s name clearly marked on it.
Please also communicate any behavioural, educational needs or communication specifics your child has. Any information you pass on will be held in strict confidence it is just that the more we know about the way they work the better we will all get along out there.
Please apply any sun protection cream and insect repellent before the session starts.


The first dose of any new medication must be given at home in case of a reaction / allergy.


All incidents and accidents will be recorded and shown to parents at the end of the day to sign


  1. Dietary needs

During Wild in the Woods your children are required to bring their own food. Please be aware that there are many children with allergies and pack your child’s lunch accordingly. Wild in the Woods is a physical experience so your child will need premium fuel to help them enjoy the whole day. We recommend that you healthy food avoiding processed food and food laden with colours, flavours, preservatives and other additives. Please also ensure they have adequate for a full day session. Also a full water bottle and/or a flask of tea during cold weather. No fizzy drinks or sugar laden ‘juice drinks’. This is for your child’s welfare as well as the leaders’. Some children react quite strongly to additives and sugar, making their behaviour much more difficult to manage.


It is important that you bring the food in a seal container and that we will be out in the woods all day, and although the bags will be under cover, we cannot control the temperature, so please do not bring food items that will go off and cause illness to your child.


During the session we may cook on the open fire as this adds and extra element to the Playscheme. Therefore it is important to inform Wild Elements of any dietary or allergies needs or conditions one the booking form.



5.      Emergency Procedures


In the event of an emergency your child’s safety is paramount to Wild Elements will get them to a safe place. We will then contact you on your emergency contact to make arrangements.


During a medical emergency involving you child we will pass on the information that you have provide to aid with health professionals, therefore it is you own responsibility to write about an long-term condition or illnesses, which may after the health of your child on the playscheme.


6.      Policy on behaviour management and Sanction

Wild Elements release that due to the nature of it work it may come across individuals that are vulnerable people some of whom may exhibit behaviour that is challenging towards others and to deal with.  We recognise this and have a policy on Challenging Behaviour [Link to document]. In working with people who are challenging we will seek to understand the behaviour and its causes and work with the person in a structured way to help lessen the behaviour and its impact.

We follow arrange of techniques to less the challenging behaviour:

  • De-escalation of the situation – talking through with the service user
  • Use of cool off  periods – from activity, group or individual support sessions
  • Increased support and joint working
  • Early identification of potential challenging behaviour through need and risk assessment
  • For Regular participants try to identify and respond to the triggers of challenging behaviour
  • Agreeing team and individual strategies to manage and mitigate challenging behaviours
  • Seeking additional/specialist support through working in partnership with other agencies to ensure a participants needs are met appropriately
  • The Team should identify situations where challenging behaviour can present greater risk to staff and participants; for example  lone working, interviews, duty work; and develop situational risk assessments to reduce or manage these risks
  • Managers and staff should review the needs of any participants for whom sanctions are frequently necessary.
  • This review should involve the participant where possible and others involved in supporting or providing services to the individual to ensure an informed decision is made about the service user’s future or continued use of the service.
  • As a last resort, if a participant presents a high level of risk or danger to him or herself or others, he or she may have to be suspended or excluded from the service. A decision to exclude a participant should be supported by good information.
  • Behaviour that is a criminal offence will be reported to the police and Wild Elements will pursue legal action such as pressing charges or injunctions where this is necessary in order to manage behaviour and ensure the safety of staff and other participants. Where appropriate Wild Elements will support participants who have been the victim of an offence committed by another service user to pursue legal action.


In the first instants we will aim to resolve the situation with a discussion between the interested parties.

7.    Clothing

Please help us by making sure that your child is suitably dressed for each meeting, taking into account the weather conditions and the nature of the activity. The following dress code is mandatory:



  • Sturdy boots or wellies
  • Warm socks
  • Long warm comfortable trousers (not jeans)
  • Long sleeved top
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof over trousers (or a spare pair of trousers)
  • Hat, gloves and scarf on cold days
  • Sun cream/hat on hot days





A small rucksack with few comfort items will help too. It could include: light water bottle (fruit shoot size ideal), an extra layer of clothing is useful in the rucksack in case the weather changes or there is a chill wind.

Rain will not cause a cancellation unless accompanied by wind.

Please use old clothes and let your child known that at forest school THEY CAN GET DIRTY and you don’t mind!

8.      General routine of the day at Wild in the Woods

We recognise that the day is loosely based around the flow of the day and the activities with vary depending on a lot of facts such as children’s interest, weather and responses of the children as to what they choice to do, however this is a rough guides to the follow of the day:

9:30 – 10:00 Welcome, and warm up, health and safety
10:00 – 11:00 Activities
11:00 – 11:30 Snack
11:30 – 12:30 Activities / free play
12:30 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14:30 Activities / Free play (opportunity for one to one activities with tools)
14:30 – 15:00 Snack
15:00 – 16:30 Activities / Free play (opportunity for one to one activities with tools)
16:30 – 17:00 Pack up site and close the session


You are more that welcome to request a copy of the day plan and an risk assessment and these can be sent to you via email.

9.      Financial Matters

Current Pricing Structure for Wild in the Woods

Early bird Payment (take off 7 day before the playscheme)

1 Day £20 (£21 via Paypal (3.60% +20p)

3 Days £40 (£42 via Paypal (3.60% +20p)

Normal Payment

1 Day £22.50 (£24.50 via Paypal (3.60% +20p)

3 Days £45 (£49 via Paypal (3.60% +20p)

10.                       Pre-visits to the site

Some children may be unsure of what to expect during the Wild in the wood and therefore we would invite you to the Wild in the Woods site to see the area and a chance to meet a leader to talk about the running of the session or any information you need.


11. Equal opportunity policy

We aim to provide the best service to all the children that we service through the Wild in the Woods Programme. Through all our other service we maintain our equal opportunities and with cater for provision for as wide range of people as possible, however we must realise our organisational limitations. This holiday club is not acceptation we adapt to the site to as far as practically able to meet the needs of children with disability. They team and site are set up work with children with a degree of independence, during the Wild in the woods programme. Due to the nature of the terrain and the facility it unlikely we would be able to take on someone in a wheel chair, and also children that need assistants to use the facilities during the playscheme.

We can would with other provider that would provide the level of care or work others alternative programmes which get children out using the site with other organisation and Wild Elements would then take a facilitations role and the group would offer the specialism.

Please refer to full version of the Equal Opportunities [Link].

12. Special Need policy

The scheme will have regard to the current Code of Practice on the Identification, Assessment and Education of children with Special Educational Needs. Wild Elements will aim to provide a welcome to the playscheme for children with special needs.

Children with special needs, like all other children, should be admitted after full consultation between parents/carers, playscheme staff, Responsible person and any other relevant agency workers involved.  However, because of the short term duration and general nature of the Wild in the woods playscheme, the discussion with parents/carers will have to consider staffing arrangements and the physical environment of the scheme setting in meeting the needs of individual children who wish to attend and have special needs.


Full cooperation will be given to all agencies, i.e. therapists, social workers, health visitors, medical staff, psychologists, portage workers etc., in order to meet the specific needs of each child, as appropriate.

Please, seek further advice if you feel you child with require additional support during the playscheme either to Tom directly 07792014166 or tom@wildelements.org.uk.

For a full version on the Wild Elements special need policy click [link]

13.                       Complaints

It is hope that all staff will maintain a high degree of professionalism and that the service we provide will be deliver to a high standard and also parties will receive a high light on communication to make a lasting positive experience.

However, if you feel that we are not performing to a high standard, in the first instance please see a member of the team to see if the situation can be resolved.

If the matter is not resolved, then please get in touch with Tom Cockbill: tom@wildelement.org.uk or 07792014166, alternatively please call 07799566533.  If you would like to speak to another Director please inform us of you wish and send an email to info@wildelements.org.uk

We aim to respond to you complaint within 3 working days, if not you will be informed of and alternative time frame to deal with you complaints.

Buy checking the box on the booking form I have read and agree following contract, when booking my child on the Playscheme.

We understand that  it is your legal right to contact CSSIW to make a complaint, please can you inform us as we may be able to solve some of the issue locally and then if you are still unhappy with the team or outcome.

If you would like to complaint about Wild in the Woods which is a registered activity, then the contact:

  • Tell us face to face by visiting one of our regional offices,
  • Phone us: 0300 7900 126 (press 1 for North Wales Office)
  • Email us:CSSIW@wales.gsi.gov.uk
  • Write to us:
    CSSIW National Office
    Welsh Government
    CF48 1UZ

Or go to

https://cssiw.gov.wales/raiseaconcern/providing-feedback-care-service/?lang=en to fill out a form online.

Alternative you can complain to the local Authorises